About Me

thinkHello!  My name is Ashley Smith and I am proud to be a housewife!  I have earned a college degree and entered into the job field until my husband and I started our family.  I stay at home with our youngest while our other children go to school.  Some people may think that it is easy to be a housewife and a stay at home mom, but I think they are the people who have never done it themselves!

I have many likes and interests, but I have chosen to write about plumbing and other topics related to plumbing.  I do this because I feel like there are already a plethora of cooking, crafting, etc. blogs out there and not enough that deal with plumbing issues-something that is a big part of our home lives!

Throughout our years of marriage, my husband and I have had to deal with a lot of different fixes and replacing parts and other plumbing things.  I try to share the experiences that we have had through the years, as well as the knowledge that I gain from learning about the different plumbing, cooling/heating applications in a home.  If I like a product that we have, I also try to write about them, hoping that my experiences will help other consumers as they buy new products.

Although I have a college degree, I enjoy learning new things-especially those that aren’t related to my field of study.  I know that it is weird (my husband thinks it is) but I find plumbing to be an interesting subject.  The many different parts and pieces make it a complex subject that can take years to learn.  I think it is kind of cool to investigate and learn about how different types of plumbing parts work and their use in the home.  I hope you enjoy my adventures!


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