Grinding Garbage Disposal

When I was growing up, I didn’t really like washing the dishes, but like everyone in my family I had to take my turn during the week. One of the things that I didn’t like to do (and forgot to do a lot) was to empty out the strainer that was in the bottom of the sink drain. We didn’t have a garbage disposal, so if we forgot to put this strainer in before we started cleaning up, then the drains would get plugged and my dad would not be very happy! Those days have passed and I got used to not having a garbage disposal. My husband had one growing up and thought he wouldn’t be able to adjust if he didn’t have one.

When we were looking for a home to purchase, we just couldn’t seem to find anything that fit the list of things that we wanted. When we found one that came pretty close, we knew that we needed to get it-even though it didn’t have a garbage disposal-like my husband wanted. Since I didn’t know the difference, it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. As the years passed and we started to make a little more money, my husband convinced me that it was time to get a garbage disposal. He said he could figure out how to install it and that he had a friend who could get him one for a reasonable price. He talked with his friend and watched some tutorials, like this one, to help him know what he needed to do in order to install the disposal.


It took him longer than he or I would have liked to get it installed, but once it was in properly, it worked great! Although we have only had it for a few months, it has been so awesome! Instead of having to empty the strainer in the drain every time we wash off a few dishes (to prevent the sink filling up with gross water), we just turn on the water and with the flip of a switch the disposal turns on and grinds the food up so it won’t clog our drain! I have also noticed that the garbage usually doesn’t smell as bad since we aren’t throwing the “leftovers” from the dishes we clean away. After all the kids had moved out of the home and started having families of their own, my parents moved into a newer home that had a garbage disposal pre-installed. My mom is always saying that she wonders how we ever lived without one! And I am starting to understand why she says it so much!

Even though it’s not the most exciting thing that we have done to improve our home, it is the most recent improvement and one that I use pretty much every day (except when my husband pitches in and does the dishes). Any time the sink starts to fill up without having a plug in the drain, I just flip the “magic switch” and down goes the food along with the water!


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