Bidet Toilet Seat!

For some time now I have been wanting to get a bidet in our bathroom. I had a friend whose parents had one growing up and I was wondering how it worked. Since her dad was a contractor he explained to me how they worked and how nice it is-that was about the extent of the conversation because knowing what I know now, that could have been a very uncomfortable conversation! My husband and I have discussed working on this project a few times, but we never moved forward because of the renovations that we would have to do in order to get one installed. I didn’t think about it for months and then my husband surprised me.

One day when I went to a movie for a “girls night out” I came home to find a different looking toilet seat on the toilet. When I first got home, my husband was watching TV and acted like he was really tired (he usually does things like this to throw me off). I called out to him and inquired about the new toilet seat. He came in to tell me all about it! It was something that he had heard about when he went into a plumbing supply house asking about bidets. The salesperson that was helping him told him about the bidet seat and he got a quote for one. He thought that the price may be a little too high until we figured out how much it would be for us to rip out our existing bathroom and to put in a separate bidet unit.

He went about his sneaky planning, got a seat ordered and kept it a secret for a week or two until he knew I would be out of the house long enough for him to install it. Before he installed it, he watched this video several times to make sure he knew what he was doing and so he could get the seat installed without running into any problems. He checked and double checked to make sure all the parts and pieces he would need were available. He was happy to find, that for once, everything worked out the way he needed it to and he still had time to catch some of the game before I got back from being with my friends!

I was excited to hear that it was a bidet seat, but then my husband explained all of the other features that it had! In addition to having the bidet component, the seat also had a built in warmer-which will be great for the cold winter months that we have here. In addition, there is a remote that controls the pressure that the bidet shoots the water, as well as temperature control for the water coming out. Although I have only had it for a few weeks (it was an early Mother’s Day Present), I love it so much already! Not only do I feel clean after using it, we don’t have to buy as much toilet paper now!…So awesome (I know, I’m kind of a nerd)!



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