Removing Flood Water

A few years back we had a really rough storm, it rained a lot more than anyone had seen for years! The winds from the storm knocked out the power for a few days and a lot of food went bad in people’s fridges. With all the rain came flooded basements, damaged homes and cars (the standing water loosened up some trees and caused them to fall). Among the basements that flooded was ours. We had a pump installed years before the flooding started to remove any water that would be in the basement, but it ran off of electricity. Since the electricity was out, it was completely useless. There was a great response from the community-those who weren’t affected as bad from the storm came out to help those who had bigger problems.
Someone heard about our situation and they brought over a gas powered pump. Since gas was a little more available than electricity in the neighborhood, this is just what we needed. The pump was fired up and within a few hours the water was all out of our basement. Of course we had a lot of other damage to deal with, but it was nice to at least have the water out of the way. After pulling up some carpet and running some fans on the ground, we were able to salvage some of the carpet in the rooms downstairs, other ones we weren’t so lucky with. After a few months we had everything put back together-almost the way it was! This is when we decided that maybe we should also get a gas powered pump. They were pretty expensive so we didn’t get one immediately.
For months-when we had a little time here & there-we looked at different prices, different supply houses, and on the internet. We found a great deal on a new pump and purchased it. We haven’t had to use it yet, but if we have another crazy storm we will be prepared for flood water for ourselves and our neighbors. I feel like we will be able to pay back the person who helped us by helping others that will need of the pump. Even though we have had some bad storms lately, they haven’t even compared to that one storm that everyone still talks about. Sometimes my husband will go to a hardware storm and hear some older gentlemen talking about the weather. They will talk about the storm we had a couple of days and then, without fail, one will mention how it was “nothing compared to the storm we had a few years back!”-that makes me laugh every time! The best though was when I heard one of them say it myself!
If you are looking for a gas powered pump, try visiting to see the selection that they have. There is anything available from a basic gas powered pump to more heavy duty pumps. You can also learn more about the pumps by reading the information found on the page!


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