Luxury Tub

I grew up in a large family. I was the number 6 of 10 kids and we all shared one bathroom. This rarely happens in the present day and age. I remember waiting hours for the bathroom (I had three older sisters) and by the time I was old enough for a shower by myself, there was never enough hot water from everyone before me. When I was younger I would take a bath with two other siblings and although it was crowded at least the water was warm!

When it was just five of us left in the house, I was the first to use the bathroom. I finally could take my very own hot shower. I loved just letting the water spray over my body. Now that I am an adult, a shower is just a shower. What I really love is soaking in the bath. The first place my husband and I moved in to did not have a bath and after a long day at work I longed for a hot bath. That was when I decided that I wanted a deep freestanding bath tub. You know the type, claw legged and deep. Then after I had a few kids, this “want” soon became the top priority in my forever bathroom.

Luckily when we found our house now, the master bath was set up perfectly for a free standing tub. However, there was some work that needed to be done, including buying a new tub. I knew what I wanted but I didn’t know what a great deal I was getting.

A free standing tub, is not attached to any walls but are instead installed through the floor. The sides are usually higher than a normal base tub and they hold much more water. If you are going for a luxury look in your master bathroom, you might want to consider a free standing tub. Although I chose a tub like this because of my past and my desires, I realize now that it really added value to our master bathroom. Not only value to the master bath, but they are so much easier to clean! I hate cleaning the conventional tub in my children’s bathroom (it also doesn’t clean up as pretty as my free standing tub).


I have been so happy with this tub! The deep sides are perfect to emerge my entire body in water. After a long day with kids, dinner and messes it is just what I need. I love having this tub in my own space. One end of the tub has a high arch area to rest your head. It wasn’t exactly the “claw foot” I dreamed of as a newlywed (pretty close), but it was perfect to fit our needs (and our wallet!).

If you are looking for a great deal on tubs visit I was so happy to find such an incredible price for such a beautiful tub.


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