(more) Nursery Decore

I had so much fun decorating my little girl’s nursery I wanted to share one more thing. Like I said before I wasn’t able to find really anything in the colors I was wanting, so I ended up making almost everything. I had shelves that I found in storage that I never had used before. I painted them white (the colors of the furniture in her room are white and oak).  I then had to decide what to put on them. I didn’t have a lot of money and I wanted things on the shelves that incorporated the colors. I made blocks with “ABC’s” of them and painted little boxes and a flower pot purple and yellow. But one thing I saw done once (and always wanted to do) was picture frames with a patterned fabric. I loved this idea and I was super easy and inexpensive! 


I went to my local craft store and found a thick would frame (for about 99 cents each!) and then I got fabric squares that were the colors of the bedroom, purple and yellow. Sometimes it is hard finding the “perfect” fabric when looking through fat squares. If you can’t find what you need, but find fabric somewhere else you will want to get only about ¼ yard. You then take each frame and paint them in the color desired. For me, I did two purple frames and one yellow. The frames that I bought made it easy because they had a cardboard center piece. I just took the cardboard and covered it with fabric and glued. If you want a puffier look you can add some batting or cotton balls to the front of the cardboard. I really loved the way these turned out!


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