Our Little Girl’s Lamp

Sometimes when you are trying to decorate a room or make other improvements in the home, you won’t always find what you are looking for. This was true for the nursery that we were getting ready for our little girl. I decided that the colors I would do for her room would be yellow and purple. The main color of purple that I wanted to use was a light, pastel color. I had already picked out fabric for a quilt that my mom was making for me and I wanted to base the rest of the room off of it. It was hard to find the other things to complete the nursery! I really wanted a purple lamp for the room, but couldn’t find one in the color I wanted.

One day my mom was doing some cleaning and found a small lamp that she wasn’t using anymore, it wasn’t the right color but that wasn’t going to get in my way! I went to the store and got some light purple spray paint and enlisted my husband to paint it for me. He taped up the cord and the light bulb base and applied a couple of coats of the spray paint. We were both amazed at how well it turned out! Then one day while he was at work and the lamp was dry, I decided to paint little yellow flowers on it. Using a small paint brush I painted some flowers and when my husband got home he really liked them! We both felt a small sense of pride in our work and knew the lamp would look great in the nursery!




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