Helping My Hubby Stay Cool

My husband is the type of person that likes to work on things himself and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to get a job done. To help him with all his projects, many of which are “honey-dos” for me, many years ago we built him a shed in the backyard where he could store his tools and have his workbench. Throughout the years we have purchased new tools to do certain projects and have made improvements to make the workspace a little more comfortable. When my husband would be out there working hard, especially during the summer months, he would always talk about how hot it got in his work shed.

We purchased some outdoor fans, and they made it a little less unbearable, but sometimes it felt like it was just blowing the heat around the workspace instead of cooling it. We looked into installing an A/C unit, but at the time that we were thinking about putting one in, we just couldn’t afford it. I started saving my money here and there when I could stash some away so that I could surprise my husband with the unit that would help keep him cool while he was working so hard. After many years of saving, I got enough money to buy the unit for him this past Father’s Day!

This seemed to come at the right time. My husband had been working on a lot of projects and every time he would mention how hot it was getting out there. He wasn’t complaining really, just making the statement. I just had to remind him that we just couldn’t afford to get an A/C unit, but maybe one day we would have the money. Man, did I fool him! With the help from my brother, I purchased the unit and kept it at his place until the Saturday before Father’s Day. My husband was working on a project when I came into the shed and told him that I needed him to work on something else. Like always, he came to a stopping point to see what I needed him to do.

He came out to the yard to see my brother standing next to a new A/C unit! He was so excited that he lifted me up in the air and gave me a great big kiss! He opened it up and with my brother, they got all the parts and tools that they needed to install it. Once it was installed, they turned it on and cleaned up the mess they made in the process. Although it has only been in for about a week, my husband has never been so happy to do all the projects he tackles! Just the other day he came inside talking about how cool he stayed while he was out there and that he hardly broke a sweat! Now when I ask him to do a project, like sand down a dresser so we can paint it a new color, I will be certain that he will stay cool while getting it done!



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