Things to Look for When Buying a Toilet

When we were in the market looking for a new toilet, we were asked a lot of questions about what kind of toilet we wanted.  We weren’t aware that there were so many options out there!  Not only did they ask if what brand we wanted, we were also asked about different colors, specific types, and other styles that were available.  Needless to say, we started to do some research and look for reviews on the internet before we decided on which toilet we wanted to get.  I can’t explain how shocked I was at the different options that were available.  Although I don’t know everything about toilets, I will share what I learned.

You can buy toilets in a number of different colors.  The basic toilet, as everyone knows is a white color and is the same across the board with most brands.  The second most common toilet color is bone or some brands refer to it as “cotton”, but the colors don’t stop there.  Depending on which brand of toilet you purchase, some models have up to around ten different color options to choose from!  Some of the surprising colors were black or even pink.  We weren’t really looking for a toilet in a different color, especially since they cost more money than a white toilet.  I guess it’s good to know for the future if we ever want to buy a fancy toilet like that!

Toilets have specific features, such as water saving models, as well as toilet tanks that come in different sizes and shapes to fit in tight or specialty designed bathrooms.  Some tanks were designed to fit in corners and others are just 10” instead of the standard 12” length.  There are also designer tanks that have what look like crown molding!  Once again, not something that we were looking for or needed, but good to know.


The next thing that we had to consider was the style of toilet that we wanted.  The styles that are available are round, elongated, and the ADA type toilet.  The round toilet is the basic toilet that is installed in most residential applications.  The bowl is round, like a circle, and shorter than the other options available.  The elongated and ADA bowls both have an elongated shape.  As the name implies, this type of bowl is longer than the standard round bowl toilet.  Some of the reviews we read said that it is more comfortable type of toilet to sit on.  As can be expected, the elongated type toilet is more expensive than the round bowl toilet.  The ADA toilet is different than the elongated toilet in the fact that it is a few inches higher off the ground.  The height difference also makes a difference in the price.

Since there were different shapes of bowls, it also meant that there were different types of toilet seats and they needed to be purchased to match the shape of the bowl.  Ultimately after all our research and looking at all the different options we decided to go with a round bowl toilet.  To browse some round bowl toilets, click here.


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