Water Storage Tank

My husband and I have been talking and we recently decided to put in a storage shed in the back for extra food and water. We have a storage room in the basement but it is not large enough to hold food for our family for more than a month or two. We want the extra storage space for extra food by especially water.

With so many natural disasters happening all over the world every year, we want to be prepared to handle something like that best we can. We don’t want to be worried about not having the things that we need to survive. One thing that most people don’t think to store is water. It is a commodity that we use every day and don’t realize how much we rely on it. Not only is water used for cooking and drinking but we use it for bathing and washing dishes and other things. If a natural disaster strikes in my area and we were without water, I always wonder, would we have enough?

This is one reason my husband and I have decided to put in a storage shed big enough to hold one or two large water storage tanks. We thought about building our own storage unit but decided to just by a manufactured one. Once we had the storage shed, we got to work on how we would fill it.

The main purpose for the storage shed was the holding of our large water tanks. We wanted a tank that was able to be mounted on the wall or on a shelf so it is easy accessible and gives more room to the storage shed. There are several different kinds of storage tanks on the market. We went with a Norwesco horizontal storage tank because it is also elliptical and is able to sit on a shelf.

As far as water storage tanks come, there are about three different types; horizontal, vertical and pickup truck water tank. Depending on what you are using the storage tank for, will determine what shape and size of tank you want to buy.


When deciding on a water tank you want to make sure that the tank is both portable and secure (stored in a safe manor). All the tanks that we looked are plastic and come in either black or white. You will also want to know how much space you have and how much stored water you will need.

The water storage tank that we chose is corrosion resistant and light weight with no seams, tears or joints to rust or leak.  You can get this particular tank anywhere from 12 gallons to 15,000 gallons depending upon your needs. We went with 35 gallons. There is a screw on cap at the top of the tank for easy filling. Obviously the larger the tank the more money you will spend but we came across Plumberstock.com and got some amazing deals. We got two water storage tanks for exactly what we were looking for AND a great price. 


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