Pot Fillers

I love to cook. It is one of my passions. I don’t feel like I am that creative as a person but when it comes to cooking, I feel like I can be/am creative. I spend a lot of time preparing meals (especially now I have kids) and I like to have a nice sit-down dinner every night.

One of my favorite things to cook is pasta. My kids love pasta especially spaghetti. What is it about spaghetti that kids love? I know it is the one meal when all my kids will eat. The thing about cooking spaghetti is the boiling of the pasta. When you have a true pasta pot it NEVER fits in the sink (unless you have one custom made). I hate not being able to get my entire pasta pot in the sink and then when I get it in the faucet doesn’t quite reach… Man it’s annoying.

Anyway, I must have complained a lot about it because guess what I got for Mother’s Day?! A Pot filler faucet! My husband is a practical gift-giver (none of these roses that die in two days or chocolate that just makes you fat…) but when he hears something that I want or would make things easier for me he listens and comes through.  So he got me a pot filler faucet. If you are a little confused about what this is, read on and I will explain a bit.


A pot filler faucet is a specialty faucet that has the ability to fold out to the height needed to fill a large faucet. If you are not building a house and do not have the luxury of designing a sink large enough for a pasta pot and other large pots and buckets, a pot filler faucet can give you the same advantage as a large sink. Most kitchen sinks tend to be smaller than say a utility sink that can fill a nice large pot (my mom actually would go fill our large pots in our utility sink). Although they do have a different look to them, you can find one that doesn’t stick out or become an eyesore to your kitchen.

Pot filler faucets come in all colors and styles. You can find one that fits in with your kitchen décor and because they fold in, most people won’t even notice much of a difference. There are several brands to choose from such as Delta, Danze and Moen. Each brand gives you a variety of options. When you are choosing a faucet make sure it has enough room to fold out .

Of course one of the best things about a pot filler faucet is the filling of pots! Can I just say that in the few weeks of having my new faucet, I have noticed the difference in the easy of my cooking? It is so nice to just pull out my faucet and let my pot fill why I prepare other things. Call me crazy but I swear it has cut down on my cooking time!


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