Bathroom Lighting

I figured while I’m talking about bathrooms, I may as well talk about every part of them! There is so much to consider when creating the “perfect” bathroom. For a man, it may be a sturdy toilet and great reading material…. But for a women, well, let’s face it, we spend a lot more time in the bathroom. I, for one, spend more time than my husband and therefore I am the one making the major decisions about it.

One thing that I am particular about is the lighting. In newer homes, the master bathroom has become something of a luxury, sometimes even more grand than the bedroom. They come with double sinks, jetted tubs, walk-in showers and beautiful windows to allow for maximum light.  However, older homes the bathrooms, even the master bath, are much smaller with a very small window if there is one at all. This complicates the lighting. With little or no natural light, bathrooms can become dark and dingy. But with the proper attention to lighting and placement, you can create a perfectly well-lit bathroom.

There are several things that are on the market for bathroom lighting. What you can do Imagewith your lighting depends upon how your bathroom is wired. Most bathrooms are wired with the lighting above the vanity, with an optional lighting somewhere else in the room. When choosing a light fixture, keep in mind how much extra outside light you are getting from a window. Also, you don’t want your light fixture to over-power the other parts of your bathroom. For example, if you have a small mirror and vanity, a fixture with two lights will do. However, if you have something larger, look for a fixture with three to four lights. Also, keep in mind the finish of the fixtures. It will be right above you sink so get a finish that matches with your faucet.

Another option for bathroom lighting is sconces. I love using a sconce in my bathroom Imagewhen I can. It gives character to the room and also adds a decorative touch. A sconce is best not be used right above the mirror as the light is facing up. If you have a corner in your bathroom or particular dark area, you may want to consider using a sconce to give the space more light. And it will add elegance to the design of the room.

Now, if you are building a new house and putting together a master bathroom or if you are renovating your existing bathroom, check out the option of a shower light! I have always felt it was too dark in my shower and one day I was at a relative’s new home and they had shower lights in the guest bathroom. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was showering with so much light! Most shower lights are somewhat small and almost fit right into the wall. If you are in a home that is not wired for a shower light but would like one, contact your electrician. I hope you find the right light for your bathroom!


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