Love my pedestal sink!

I am really on this bathroom kick right now.  I just redecorated one of my bathrooms and you heard about the new faucet in another post. I just feel like bathrooms are sometimes a forgotten space in the house; only used for necessity. But I like the bathroom to be part of the house – just as important in maintenance and decoration. I remember when I was younger, before my “grown-up” years, I really knew when a house was complete and the people classy when their bathrooms were beautiful. The bathrooms weren’t just a wasted space; they blended with the rest of the house in color and in style. I decided right then and there that was the kind of house I wanted to create.

So here I am a few years later writing another post on bathrooms. Obsessed? Maybe. But I’m working on that one. I have a bathroom on the main floor that is actually not a bathroom at all but a half-bath, just a toilet and sink. At first, I wasn’t going to update this part of the house because I felt like it was seen the least and used even less. I also didn’t feel like it needed it much. The toilet worked just fine and the sink served its purpose. I could decorate around those, right?

Then one day I was looking around on a home improvement site and I saw a remodeled half bathroom with a pedestal sink. And I fell in love. It wasn’t the first time I had seen a pedestal sink. I actually thought they were quite useless especially in a bathroom that is used for preparing for the day. But I guess it never crossed my mind to use it in a half-bath. How perfect! This was a great way to create a more stylish half-bath especially when the extra counter space is not needed.

I wanted a good product for a good price and I found a beautiful American Standard pedestal sink for an incredible price!  I couldn’t be more happy with my find and I purchased it and installed the sink soon after.


If you are looking to update a bathroom or half-bath consider looking at this brand of sinks. The style gives such a classy look to the bathroom and is made with a high-gloss, stain-resistant Vitreous China. The one I purchased has a EverClean® antimicrobial surface which helps it stay cleaner longer! The faucet ledge comes with a self-area large enough for soap but other styles come with a larger faucet ledge if you need more space for a guest bathroom. The sink can be purchased in a variety of colors including white, linen and bone. I personally chose the bone as it went well with the earth colors I used to decorate.

It has been in our house for almost a year now and I get so many compliments on it. I have been so happy with this purchase and I feel like this is just what my bathroom needed.



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