Bathroom Makeover

While on the topic of bathrooms, I decided to share a few tips on how to spice up your bathroom. I feel like bathrooms are sometimes the hardest space in the house to keep attractive.  I mean really? What do you do in there? Sometimes not the most glamorous of things. But don’t let everyone know that by having a forgotten place with all of your personals out to view!


If you want a more glamorous space, start with putting some color on the wall. Choose a color that coordinates nicely with your flooring and tile. Find a color pallet and stick to it. For example, in one of my bathrooms I have a beautiful pink tile in the shower and a gray tile floor.  I paired this with a gray-green on the wall. Then I used the green, pink and gray colors throughout my decor.

When using accessories, I find that less is more. Just a few items such as a nice vase or collectables placed on a shelf. Display your towels as part of the color scheme, as well as a nice thick mat. Take the clutter off the counter. Store all “personal” items in drawers and closed shelving. That will give you room to add a few details on the counters such as porcelain canisters or a lovely jewelry box. Or you can make your bathroom more personal with a special photo on the counter or a meaningful keepsake.

ImageFor all those “extras” you don’t know what to do with, add a storage shelf above your toilet. Make sure it has closed doors so you aren’t showing the world your “personals”.  Remember to keep the clutter down and the style up! And if you need more ideas check out this site. Good luck!


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