New Bathroom Faucet!

My daughter loves to play in the bathroom. Her favorite spots are the toilet (I really hate that) and the sink. She loves it when I fill the sink up and just let her play in the water. My daughter would play in the sink (or toilet!) all day long if I let her. Whenever I am in the bathroom she wants to be there too no matter what I am doing. She loves to get up on the counter while I am doing my hair and make-up. 

Since we spend so much time in the bathroom, I decided it was time to get a faucet that was conducive to the needs of my family.  The faucet that we were using was not easy for my children. It only had one large handle and they would get confused about which way to turn it. And as for my young daughter, the faucet was too low for her to use easily. When she was on the counter, she had to get down on her belly to reach the water. So I decided then to look for a new faucet.


It took me awhile to find the right faucet. I was specific about what I wanted and the color. After looking at several different brands and designs, I found a beautiful peerless bathroom faucet(s)! It is a two handle faucet which makes it easy for the kids to get the right water temperature – they know that one is hot and one is cold. The high arch on the spout makes is perfect for my daughter to get her little hands under it, without having the get on her belly!


There were several reasons why I bought this particular faucet. First, I absolutely loved the color. It is oil rubbed bronze which I couldn’t find anywhere else but fits perfectly with my color scheme in that bathroom. Second, the handles are so smooth and easy to control. No more pulling and pushing to try to get the right temperature. Third, I mention before is the high-arc spout. It is more common to see the low spouts but I am really glad that I switched. I not only like the look of it but it is better for my little ones to wash their hands. Fourth, it came with a lifetime faucet and finish warranty. This was really important to me especially about the finish. I was going with such a different color I didn’t want to have to worry about the faucet not keeping the color. And last, it is WaterSense product which means that it is water efficient. And that means it helps me and our environment.

In all, I am very happy with this product and I can’t imagine my bathroom another way. My children enjoy getting to turn two knobs now and my little one doesn’t have to do a belly flop every time she wants to play in the sink…although sometimes I miss that!. 


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