Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads

I know it is only February but I can’t help but prepare for the spring (only two months of winter and I’m ready for summer!). I love the newness of spring-time – the blossoms on the trees, the spring flowers popping up from the snow, the birds returning home, and green….green…and green! I love things that are green, especially my grass. One of my pet peeves is yellow spots in my grass. You know the ones I’m talking about – that one ugly spot of yellow that the sprinkler (or many sprinklers) can’t seem to reach.  Well that hideous yellow spot was in the front of my yard. I remember the day that I finally decided to do something about that spot.

I was talking to my neighbor (who happens to have perfectly beautiful green grass) on the sidewalk just outside my house. We weren’t talking about my grass or anything related but I kept seeing her look at that ugly spot. I was so embarrassed I didn’t even say anything about it, even though the whole time she would sneak peeks at its ugliness. I would always complain to my husband about it and, until last year, we had no luck with our other sprinkler heads. No matter how my husband would adjust the sprinklers (and even sometimes I would try!) he couldn’t seem to get the sprinkler to reach that ugly, yellow spot. And then, we bought Rain bird sprinkler heads. Seriously the best decision I ever made (about sprinklers at least)! I will never go back to any other kind of sprinkler.


We decided to start with just replacing the sprinkler heads that seemed to be causing the problem spot. I wanted this done right (and I wanted my green grass), so I made sure I did my homework on the best sprinkler products. After we switched the heads in the problem spot, and adjusted the sprinklers just right, it only took a few days before I started noticing a difference. I loved my new sprinkler heads so much I begged my husband to budget in money to replace all the heads. It took some time to replace all the old sprinkler heads with our new ones, but it was well worth it!  By the end of the summer, our yard had the greenest grass on the street.

If you have problem spots in your yard, Rain bird sprinkler heads may be something you should try. These sprinklers are designed more efficient than other sprinkler heads, with adjustable screws. This helps you change the sprinkler’s watering radius or distance – up to 25 percent! To do this you will need to locate the radius-adjustment on the top of the sprinkler.  Take a flat-head screwdriver and simply turn clockwise to reduce the radius or counterclockwise to increase it! If you are using a rotary or gear-driven sprinkler you can adjust the arc. It is similar to adjusting the radius but when you insert the screwdriver into the adjustment slot wait for a small plus and minus symbol to appear. Once you see it, turn the screwdriver clockwise to increase the arc or rotation and counterclockwise to decrease it. You can adjust the arc from 40 degrees to 360 degrees or anywhere between! Bye-bye you ugly, yellow grass! Hello beautiful green grass, the envy of the neighborhood.


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