Toto Toilet Review

When we moved into our home, we didn’t realize how old the some of the toilets were.  The toilet in our master bathroom had been replaced before we moved in, but we found out later from our plumber that it is one of the cheapest brands on the market.  In the kid’s bathroom the toilet had many problems.  Sometimes the chain would get stuck and the toilet would continue flushing and of course, the children didn’t think much of it.  Other times when the kid’s would flush the toilet, not everything would go down.  Then when the toilet would flush and everything did go down, the next person to use it would discover that the toilet was clogged-many times when it was too late!  Disgusting!  We made a good investment when we bought a plunger.

It came to a point though that I couldn’t take it anymore and we just had to get a new toilet!  We went to the local plumbing store and told them about our situation and the problems we were having.  They recommended that we get a Toto toilet.  We also told them that it was for the children’s bathroom and the salesperson asked us if we had problems with the kids slamming down the toilet seat as well.  Of course we did!  I don’t think there are many kids who don’t slam down the seat!  The sales lady that helped us said that she had the same problem with her kids and so she bought a “soft close” seat that Toto makes, and it was a great investment for her!

Toto Round

She gave us the option of buying a less expensive toilet, but that it wouldn’t have the flushing power that is delivered by Toto toilets.  She explained that the trap (where the water gets flushed down) is bigger than most other brands and that it can handle a lot more than the average toilet.  In fact, they had performed a flush test for customers to see and the toilet flushed 20+ golf balls down the drain where others could hardly handle 15 golf balls.  They also had a toilet installed in the women’s bathroom so they should us the actual toilet and the soft close seat that was on it.

We went to some other stores and looked at all our options before going home to discuss what to do.  We both felt that it would be worth the extra money to get the Toto toilet as well as the soft close seat.  I’m here to say that we made the right choice!  Compared to the toilet in our master bathroom, the toilet in the kid’s bathroom is so much better!  I sometimes find my husband and myself using it instead of our own!  We haven’t had any clogs since we installed it over a year ago-I’d say that is pretty good!  The soft close seat is also nice as well, no longer do we hear the kids slamming the seat down, which also eases my mind because we won’t have to replace the seat as often as in the past.  I will definitely purchase more Toto toilets in the future when I need to replace any old ones in my house!


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