Reviving Your Kitchen Cabinets

            After getting a new kitchen faucet and seeing how much it made our kitchen look better, another idea popped into my head!  The cupboards in our kitchen served their purpose, but they were dark and somewhat depressing!  So I got on the internet to see what I could do to fix that problem.  I was hoping to maybe get new cabinets, but they were just a little too pricey for our budget.  So instead, we decided to repaint them!

            We took out all our dishes and lived off easy food and take out for a couple of weeks so we could get the job done.  The first thing we did was take off all of the cabinet doors and drawers.  Once that was done, we sanded everything down so that we could paint a new color on the cabinets.  With wet rags, we wiped down everything to avoid having the saw dust still all over everything. 

Once we knew our cabinets were all dry, we found the paint we wanted and got to work.  To avoid getting paint everywhere in our kitchen, we laid down some newspapers and used painter’s tape where our cabinets met the walls.

I worked on the inside painting while my husband painted the cabinet doors and drawers out in the garage.  It took some time, but we got everything painted.  We took a break to eat some dinner and watched some TV while we waited for the paint to dry.  Once we knew that everything was dry, we just needed to put everything back in their proper places.  They looked great and to this day it makes our kitchen look ten times better!



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