What is a Hot Water Boiler?

            When I want to relax, I usually read a book or some type of magazine.  Sometimes though, I just feel like turning on the TV.  I find myself watching home improvement shows on different channels, because I find them to be relaxing (the people on the shows do all the work while I lounge on the couch and watch).  One of my favorite shows is Property Brothers, a show where two brothers take an older house and turn it into a dream house for some buyers on the show.  Between watching it and some other shows, I have seen a lot of episodes in which the people buying homes or doing improvements had to decide whether or not to keep a boiler system in their home.


            I have heard of boiler systems and seen some scenes in action movies that took place in the boiler room, but that was about the extent of my knowledge concerning them.  I’m the type of person that likes to try to learn something new whenever I can, so I got on the internet and typed “what is a hot water boiler” in my default search engine.  As always, a lot of different sites came up, so I started my research!

            There are many different types of boilers and different ways that they can be used.  Some of them use oil as a fuel source, but it is more common today to use water-heated up or as steam-as a source to heat up a home.  As the water passes through the boiler unit, it is heated and then is dispersed throughout the house.  This can be done in a number of ways.

            In older homes, radiators were installed in different rooms to heat them.  As the heated water comes into them, the metal accordion looking unit will fill with hot water and give off heat.  As the water falls to the bottom of the unit, it is cooled and then sent out a drain pipe.  As I read on, it seemed like a lot of people like this type of system.


            A more updated system involves running a lot of copper pipe in the floors before they are finished with tile or other coverings.  As the hot water from the boiler passes through the pipes, the floor is warmed and it causes the rest of the home to be warmed up as well.  This sounded nice to me because of instead of waking up to step onto a freezing cold tile floor in the bathroom, the floor would be nice and toasty warm!  It does require a lot of pipe, so it is probably one of the more expensive choices in heating.

            The next step to my research was to see how much such a system would cost.  I found out that there are a lot of different things to consider when choosing a boiler, such as how much surface area that it will be heating and other factors related to the size of the house.  A large variety of boilers can be found here.  


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