Fall & Winter Around the Fireplace


As I was putting our youngest daughter to bed around eight o’clock tonight, I looked outside and noticed that it was already getting dark.  This could only mean one thing: Fall is on its way!  The Fall and Winter are some of my favorite times of the year.  I have enjoyed the warmth of summer but I am ready for it to cool down a bit.  There is just something that I enjoy about these seasons; bundling up to stay warm, having an excuse to stay in for the night, or the warmth that only our Majestic Wood Fireplace gives to our home.

There isn’t anything better than to spend time together as a family around a warm fireplace.  Whenever we do something together, the front room next to the fireplace is the ideal spot to be on a cold day or evening.  Playing board games, card games, or charades is always enhanced by the warmth of our front room.  Getting some popcorn, blankets, and a good movie is another activity we enjoy by the roaring fireplace. We have had so many good memories associated with our fireplace-I know it may sound weird-but I just stop and think about it.

Many times on Halloween night if there was a chill in the air my husband would get the fire going to keep us warm as we handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  It has also been a popular place for our kids to get warm after they have spent the night getting treats.  They come home, dump out their candy and start to trade so they can get the candy they like and get rid of the candy they don’t like so much.


There isn’t a better place to relax after a great Thanksgiving meal.  As the evening comes, we dish up pie and eat it by the fire while we talk about the things that we are grateful for.  Of course the boys like to watch football during the day and we all enjoy playing games throughout the day.  All of these activities are made comfortable through the use of the fireplace.

Before Christmas vacation, we make sugar cookies to take to our neighbors.  We deliver them to their doors, singing Christmas Carols as they answer the door.  It gets cold and our noses start to run, but knowing that we have a nice warm house to return to helps us to continue on with our task!  We are also found around the fire as we spend time together on Christmas Eve, reading stories and talking with one another.  We always wake up to a warm fire Christmas Morning to keep us from freezing while we are opening our presents.

Hot Cocoa with donuts, cinnamon rolls, or graham crackers is one of our favorite treats to enjoy next to the fire.  It’s amazing how the little things in life have the greatest impact (I don’t know how my kids feel, but at least this is how I feel!)  It’s funny how noticing one little thing- like it getting dark earlier than usual-can set off a hundred different thoughts!


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